Saturday, July 8, 2017

Welcome to so do able!

Once upon a time life was simple.  Often times now it seems complicated, busy, stressful and almost impossible.  At least that is, if we're trying to get everything right!  Have you ever felt that way?  There's just too much to do?  Too many steps to doing it?  And it's impossible to do it all at once!  How do we fit in the important things, and just what are the most important things to fit in?

My hope is you'll join me in this new venture of making life "do able" again.  Learning to simplify and make right choices to make life oh, so do able!

Join me for practical, do able steps in following God's principles for living a life pleasing to Him.  We've got blogs, vlogs, webinars, ebooks, books, facebooks sharing and more planned!  Submit your email in the right hand sidebar to follow the blog so that you won't miss a thing!


"Lord Willing"

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