Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NOT making it complicated

One of the goals of this venture is to make life "do able".  Sometimes we think if something is simple, or short in length, or small it's of little value.  I disagree.

A simple sentence like "Jesus wept" can be so profound.  It has the required subject and verb and that's it.  As far as sentence structure goes, you can't get any simpler.  But, the profound impact of that sentence, that verse: powerful! (John 11:35 ESV)  In the two little words, we see that Jesus cared deeply; he showed emotion, he was human.  So, simple can be of great value.

If we see a movie, buy a book or go on a vacation we think that length matters. But, have you ever gone to a movie that obviously should have ended a lot sooner?  Or maybe it was one of those like The Hobbit that should not have been made into three?  Don't get me started....  And sometimes even more vacation is not a good thing.  There comes a point when being off schedule that long becomes a problem.  People start getting on each others nerves, funds start getting low, diets have gone out the window and you're just "ready" to get back to productive "normal" life.

A diamond is incredibly small, but often of great value and strength.  
A baby is very small, but incredibly valuable.

Jesus was particularly critical of a certain group of people in the New Testament who liked to complicate their life.  They lived by rigid rules, and lots of them.  Their religion was not simple, in fact their rules numbered 613! These were the Pharisees. 

  "While following 613 commandments would be hard enough, over time Jewish leaders began  to slowly add to these laws in the Midrash. This additional teaching is basically an ongoing compilation of sermons and sayings by Jewish Rabbis meant to interpret the original Mosaic Law. The original intent of these additions was to clarify the law, but it ended up adding many layers of complicated regulations."
 ( http://www.pursuegod.org/rules-pharisees/)

Matthew 23 begins several times says, "Woe to you scribes and Pharisees..."  The chapter goes on to describe the things they do, AND the things they neglect. 

God tells us however, that actually the way to God is not large, big, or grandiose,  but small and narrow.  Actually, NOT complicated at all.

Matthew 7:14  "For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it."

With this "so do able" venture the same will be true.  I don't intend for it to be complicated, long or large.  I DO plan for it to be simple, short in length and large in value.  We don't need to complicate our lives and time by adding more clutter.  Quick and simple blogs and vlogs will give you practical ideas to apply to your own life.  We will make your life "do able" starting with first things first.  Stay tuned...

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