Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Big Rock for a Big God

We’ve been talking about how to fit all those necessary things into our lives and yet still keep God as our Rock.  Our BIG rock.  

Let’s take a look at the rock I used in the video.  When you look closely at the rock, it’s not just one piece.  It’s actually several smaller rocks glued together.  

When you think about your relationship with God.  Is it one giant chunk of your life, or could it be many smaller little chucks all put together?

Often, I think we’ve been taught, or have come to believe that God and our time with him should be one big chunk.  How often have you heard the term “quiet time”?  How about the concept of personal devotions?  What do you think of when you hear the term “personal Bible study”?  

Many of us have the concept of an hour in quiet contemplation, all by ourselves with no interruptions in deep study and fervent prayer as the ultimate “quiet time”.  This concept has been built from lots of well-meaning teachers, speakers, books and even supported with some scripture.  It’s not a bad concept, it just doesn’t work for everyone all the time.

What if we take a different approach?  What if we follow a different model for our time with the Lord?  Could it be do able?  Could we get God back in that Big rock place in our lives?  Will it fit?

When we look at the big rock, it’s actually several smaller ones.  It might be 15 minutes praying while we’re in the shower or listening to a downloaded teaching on our ipod while we’re exercising or praying in the car while you’re driving or reading a few verses while you’re waiting to pick up your kids on your Bible app or reading this blog and taking a few minutes to contemplate and digest this idea.  All those things can be pieces of your Big rock.  They are little things, but when put them together they become a big chunk.

Is this really the way God wants relationship with us?

Whenever I can I like to look at Jesus as an example.  

Mark 6:46 (Jesus) “…went up on the mountain to pray.”

When he feed the 5,000 he “looked up to heaven” and blessed the food. (Mark 6:41)

When he healed a deaf man he also “looked up to heaven”. (Mark 7:34)

In Mark 14:32, Jesus prays at Gethsemane, “sit here while I pray”, we’ll look more at this prayer another time.

But the point is, Jesus was in relationship, in contact with his Father.  We can see on several occasions these were really “momentary” prayers or connections.  Though we do not have a detailed hour by hour itinerary, and we don’t know exactly what was thought or said, it is pretty clear that sometime these were short moments of connection with the Father.

How is your connection with the Father?  Are you building your pieces of your big rock today?  Piece by piece, this can be so do able!

Next up, dig a little deeper with our free Study Guide.  Stay tuned and don't miss it!

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